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Not just a cooler, Chiller or Fridge

Like humans, wines require the right environment to mature gracefully. CornerStone cellars are made to ensure that your treasured vintages are stored in prime condition for ther advanced and natural evolution. Modern superior technology gives you the choice to preserve your vintages with ease and to savour the best they can offer!

Maestro Wine Cellar


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Double - Tinted Tempered Glass

A double-glazed glass door is stylishly tinted to filter UV rays ensuring that wine matures naturally without UV light affecting the process.

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Digital Temperature Control

CS Cellars have a single or double digital temperature control display which allows the temperature to be monitored from the outside of the models, without the need to open the cellars unnecessarily.

The current temperature of the interior is digitally displayed on the LED display.

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Ergonomic Stainless Steel Handle

The stylish stainless steel handle is ergonomically adapted to respective door heights and ensures smooth opening.

This feature allows the door to be opened with minimum effort and prevent vibration which is non-beneficial to your wines.

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Wooden Shelves and Sliding Shelves

The wooden shelves are handcrafted from Kempas natural wood. They are 135% harder than red oak and are well suited for heavy loads. The capacity inside the unit is maximised when the bottles are stored one above another neatly on height adjustable wooden shelves.

Sliding shelves provide a good overview and convenient access to the bottles. Storing the bottles against each other on the pull-out shelves permits full use of the capacity.