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"ENPRIMEUR" is a French wine trade term for wine which is sold as a 'future', i.e. before it is bottled.

  • The buying of wines at its very first offering price
  • Wines purchased during the En Primeur offer period will be noticedably lower than after they are bottled
  • En Primeur wines can possibly be a great investment as the value of wines may increase by the folds in 2 years from En Primeur to its release date
  • Purchasing wines during En Primeur is probably the only way to secure premium wines at a reasonable price before the price is influenced by the market.
  • En Primeur wines will only be delivered after one and a half to two years from the offer
  • From the time the En Primeur is offered, all payments must be paid in full within the 7 days after the order is made

Terms and conditions

The Company agrees to contract with the customer subject to these terms and conditions. No variation to or alteration of these terms and conditions will bind the Company. The placing of an order by the customer will be deemed to be an “offer” and the delivery of the Company’s order confirmation form will be deemed to be the acceptance of that offer.

Prices & Payments

All prices quoted for “En Primeur” are in Singapore Dollars (SGD). Prices will be reflected in the invoice or order form and cannot be paid in other currencies unless agreed by the Company. 100% of the total amount payable must be made within 7 days of our confirmation of your order. If the order is not paid after 7 days, we will deem that you are not interested in the offer and the order will be cancelled. All payment made are non refundable. Hock Tong Bee (Private) Limited reserves the right to cancel unpaid orders at any time after due payment date.

Order Confirmation

All En Primeur offers are subject to availability and our order confirmation in writing (via email/fax).


No cancellation will be accepted once payments have been made. Cancellation of an order will only be effective if received in writing from a customer and accepted in writing by the Company. Any cancellation agreed by the Company is on the condition that all costs, expenses and losses incurred by the Company by reason of such cancellation will be paid forwith to the Company by the customer.

Minimum purchase

The minimum purchase for “En Primeur ” is a case.

Free Storage @ XII Degrees Pte Ltd

The Company will provide free storage at XII Degrees Pte Ltd for 3 years, upon request and under the following conditions:

  • Minimum order of SGD$10,000.
  • Storage by full cases only, ie. 12 bottles (of the same label) of 750ml or 24 bottles (of the same label) of 375ml
  • No partial withdrawal of wines is allowed.
  • All wines must be withdrawn from our cellars 3 years after purchase, otherwise storage charges will be levied on each case at the prevailing rate at that time.
  • For handling and delivery charges please refer to12 degrees ratecard. Click Here!


The wines will be shipped up to 2-3 years later when the bottled wines are released. Shipping, freight, insurance and related tax and duty charges will be invoiced to you at that time. The indicative additional cost is estimated at $23.00 per bottle. Goods and Services Tax at the prevailing rates will also be levied on the imported value of the wines brought into Singapore.

Service Assurance and Rebate of Hock Tong Bee – CornerStone

In the event of unforeseen circumstances where the Company is unable to deliver the products as stated in the pro-forma invoice, a full refund will be made to the customer. 2% rebate on your total value of your purchase for cash or cheque payment only. Rebate amount will be credited to your account and be used to offset your next purchase with us.

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Other than our extensive portfolio of agency wines, CornerStone also offers a wide selection of fine wines for investors and connoisseurs alike.

Our selection of fine wines feature some of the very best grand cru wines as well as premium labels from regions all over the world such as Italy, Spain, USA, Chile, Rhone and the rest of France.

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