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CS China 10th Year Anniversary
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CS048R CS090R

CS048R (48 bottles)

W: 465mm x D: 600mm x H: 1020mm

CS090R (90 bottles)

W: 660mm x D: 602mm x H: 1300mm

CS0112R CS0144R

CS0112R (112 bottles)

W: 710mm x D: 650mm x H: 880mm

CS0144R (144 bottles)

W: 1200mm x D: 600mm x H: 1250mm

CS072R CS110R

CS072R (72 bottles)

W: 800mm x D: 235mm x H: 800mm

CS0110R (110 bottles)

W: 990mm x D: 235mm x H: 990mm